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Hair Loss Products could small good too

we understand that a lot of consumers are turned away from Hair Loss Control products because of their pungent smell and ineffectiveness.

Meet Betofix, a proven formula backed by clinical study results which 67% respondents are happy with the results.  Besides, we use natural ingredients and the products smell great and fresh and you will actually love using them.


BETOFTX Hairloss Control Series

BETOFIX is specially made for those who are suffering from severe hair loss

Our patented formula contains 6 plant extracts and Dead Sea minerals which prevent premature hair loss by creating a natural balance in the scalp. It fortifies thinning hair and maintained hair density



Shampoo with BETOFIX


After rinsing, drop a couple of Concentrated Ampoule onto scalp where hair is scarce and massage

BETOFIX products are available at LOG-ON, AEON STYLE@Kornhill and Wing On

Dead Sea minerals are known for their healing properties on hair and scalp, reducing premature hair loss.

6 herbal extrasts + Dead Sea minerals

• Ginger – enhances blood circulation in scalp

• Roman Nettle – promotes hair growth  and prevents breakage

• Echinacea – soothes sensitive scalp

• Rosemary – slows down premature hair loss & greying

• Ginseng – contains antioxidants that helps guard the hair from free radicals

• Peppermint – provides cooling effect to the scalp

Minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Iodine, Zinc, Potassium, Sulfur found in Dead Sea are key elements for healthy hair growth

Clinical Study Results

01. Hair Follicle Morphological Study (VIVO)

After 4 months of treatment, hair bulb cells are highly structured and differentiated.  The root sheath is thicker and ensures optimum anchoring. The ratio (growth phase) increases by up to 46% compared with day 1 and the placebo.  67% of the volunteers were happy with the results!

02. Stimulation of Hair Anchoring (VITRO)

Hair follicles are incubated for 14 days with biotinyl-GHK (2ppm), the persisting dermis/root sheath junction is thick and recovers its normal sinusoidal shape

BETOFIX Hairloss Control

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