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The healing properties of Dead Sea Minerals 

Dead Sea salts contain 21 minerals, among them

Magnesium – has anti-allergic properties and protects skin surface against allergens, promotes skin tissue healing, slows skin aging, and fights fluid retention and stress.
Calcium – helps wound healing, strengthens skin cells, increases circulation while preventing water retention.
Potassium – Replenishing, moisturizing and energizing the skin. It also promotes skin oxygenation.
Bromides – a natural antibiotic that stimulates the process of natural repair of the skin and soothes it.
Sodium – improves skin hydration, permeability, and blood circulation.
Chlorine – vital for skin cell metabolism, keeps skin cells healthy.
Iodine – vital for energy levels in the body.
Zinc – helps cell proliferation.


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Do you know the differences among Body Lotion, Body Cream & Body Butter?

Body lotion is formulated with mostly water and a little bit of oil, making it a suitable option for almost any skin type.

Body Cream is typically characterized as being thicker than body lotions, and they’re made up of water and oils.

Body Butter is the thickest formulation of all the body moisturizers, the main difference between body butter and lotion or cream is that body butter is formulated with very little water. Also, it is packed with oils and other deeply hydrating ingredients to quench skin and lock in moisture by creating a protective barrier on the dermis.

If you have severely dry skin, rough patches, or want to do an overnight moisturizing treatment, then body butter is the right choice for you.