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The current coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a huge focus being placed on the cleaning and disinfecting routines adopted in the healthcare arena, particularly due to the risk of fomite transmission of the virus in these environments. Conventional disinfectants commonly used in the healthcare sector whilst effective immediately require repeated and frequent application. When the disinfectant has evaporated, the treated area is again subjected to microbial strain and until the next disinfection, a hygiene gap results. During this gap there can be a repeated settlement by micro-organisms and a re-infection of the surface. Crystalusion®+ is a critical component in closing this gap and helping solve the current crisis faced by the healthcare industry in terms of infection and contamination control.

Crystalusion Active Antibacteria/Antivirus Protection

  • Test against enveloped viruses (including Coronavirus)
  • 10 days residual effect from one application
  • Applicable for all surfaces including textiles
  • Active antipathogen
  • Water based & Eco-friendly
  • Dermatologically tested (epicutaneous test) revealing good skin tolerance
  • Eu Biocide Registration No. N-90456 

Used by Medical Professionals

Crystalusion+ is medical laboratory tested and is proven to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses on contact, including coronavirus with a 99.9% efficacy and is also effective against a wide range of pathogens (including hepatitis, influenza and HIV). It is tested by renowned institutions (following the ASTM E2180 Protocol used to establish long term efficacy),  biocompatible (tested under the GLP conditions according to the DIN EN ISO10993-1) and manufactured to medically approved standards.

Manufactured in accordance with regulation (EC) No 648/2004,  Crystalusion+ contains less than 5 % cationic surfactants,  disinfectants, perfumes making it safer to apply than other disinfectants.

Application on Face Mask

Test report from German laboratory

EU Biocide Registration No. N-90456

Test Report from Gazi University, Turkey