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DR. SEA Hair Care Products

From shampoo, conditioner to hair mask, our products are made from natural ingredients including Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts.

Our formula is free from Silicone, SLS and Paraben.

All products are developed and made in Israel utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

Dead Sea minerals on Hair Loss

Used on hair, Dead Sea minerals hydrate and nourishe the scalp and roots by boosting circulation. This reduces the chances of hair loss by strengthening the health of hair follicles, which shrink and become narrower with age. Shrinkage prevents hair from receiving nourishment and oxygen, thereby negatively impacting the hair protein necessary for growth. This in turn leads to hair fall.  Accordingly, Dead Sea minerals work to cleanse and moisturize the scalp to reduce  dryness and dandruff, thus preventing thinning, repairing damage, and leaving dull hair with increased luster. Dead Sea minerals are also reputed to effectively remove airborne environmental toxins that are absorbed by the hair.

Hair Loss Control Treatment

1. Use DR. SEA Hair Loss Control Mud Shampoo every other day, then use DR. SEA Conditioner with Keratin afterward to ensure smoothness

2. For the rest of the week, use other DR. SEA shampoo based on your hair types

3. For more severe hair loss situation, use DR. SEA Mud Hair Mask 1-2 times a week


Remarks :

Dead Sea minerals content of DR. SEA Hair Loss Control Mud Shampoo is rather high and may cause a bit of dryness, thus we recommend to use it 2-3 times a week and to use conditioner afterward